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Ordomas and one with a schwannoma, are described. Each was managed by a combined general and... Pubmed 6 a baby with a cervical "braid". 1990-05-01 among the anomalies and curiosities of nature, a braid-like cervical protrusion is a rare anatomical finding. Most similar reported cases of tail-like appendages have been observed in the sacrococcygeal or lumbar region. howtosmudge.com/pjn-cheapest-viagra-online-pharmacy-hc/ viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra uk next day delivery http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-viagra-cheap-buy-canada-gi/ viagra for sale viagra for sale viagra online generic viagra online cheap viagra online Herein we describe a newborn with a high cervical malformation located along the vertebral column, and its histological features. To our... Pubmed 7 subcutaneous myxopapillary ependymal rest: a potential sign of spinal dysraphism. 2011-07-28 subcutaneous myxopapillary ependymal rests are heterotopias of neuroglial tissue that present in the subcutaneous tissue of the sacrococcygeal region. We report a case which presented as a flesh-colored, pedunculated papule near the gluteal cleft. The presence of a congenital lesion near the midline of the spine should alert the clinician to the... Pubmed 8 chordoma 1981-07-01 nineteen patients with chordoma seen at m. D. Anderson hospital from 1948 to 1976 received definitive treatment. Six patients presented with disease in the basisphenoid region, 2 with disease in the lumbar spine (vertebral area), and 11 with disease in the sacrococcygeal area. Nine patients were treated with a combination of surgery and postoperative... Energy citations database 9 spontaneous rupture of sacrococcygeal teratoma associated with acute fetal anemia. 2006-10-01 sacrococcygeal teratoma (sct) is the most common congenital tumor, with affected fetuses having a high risk of perinatal complications and death. We report a case of a fetus with an sct that developed acute anemia due to spontaneous rupture of the tumor in utero. The fetus was referred at 25 weeks' gestation for evaluation of a large solid and cystic mass in the sacral... Pubmed 10 lumbar chordoma mimicking a neurogenic tumour. 2010-12-15 chordomas are rare tumours arising from the primitive notochord along the axial skeleton, typically from the sacrococcygeal region, spheno-occipital region and less commonly, the mobile spine. Midline location associated with bony involvement with extension to the surrounding tissues is the norm. Chordomas presenting laterally, centred... Pubmed 11 [sacrococcygeal teratomas: diagnosis and treatment]. The authors present ten cases of sacro-coccygeal teratomas observed.
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